Mission Statement

To enrich the Northwestern experience through the creation of a competitive off-road racing vehicle by inspiring innovative automotive design, forging marketable leadership and technical skills, and building a close-knit undergraduate engineering community.



Real Engineering

We design and manufacture nearly 100% of everything that goes on our car!


Drive What You Build

We aim to get everyone in the driver seat as much as possible!


Join a Family

Baja is more than just club!

Northwestern University CATALYZER

Northwestern Baja is looking for funding to continue to design and build a competitive BAJA SAE car and to provide hands-on learning of product design and development while encouraging personal growth and fostering a supportive educational and social environment.

Accepting Donations starting 10.9.19

If you want to learn more, take a look at the official Catalyzer page.



Clad in Pink Camouflage, Tina is our newest addition to the family with a mean lean. Slightly heavier than Dino but built to be reliable, she did have a small engineering failure after leading in the top 10 after being gridded 21st in Tennessee 2019. Some quick repairs had her out on the track ready for more action even with a franken upright. Tina’s recent performance in Midnight Mayhem XI placed her at 14th in endurance, one of the team’s best competitions yet.

Tina's first race was in Tennessee, where she placed 48th overall.

  • Chief Engineer: Luke Corsiglia

  • Project Manager: Spencer Kost

  • Operations Director: Armando Marquez

  • Powertrain Lead: Cali Ashmun

  • Suspension Lead: George Cheng

  • Chassis Lead: Kelly Davis

  • Ergonomics Lead: Harvey Gill

  • DAQ Lead: Reuben Grossman

  • Treasurer: Andrew Johnson




Our 2018 car, this guosty is an absolute machine! We made a few changes from Bongo, including a much smaller frame, reducing weight by about 35 lbs, adding a hood and tweaking suspension and gearbox components. You can spot Dino because he is our only gray car, and is probably at the front of the race

Dino's first race was in Maryland, where he placed 41st overall, by far our best result ever. 

  • Chief Engineer: Colton Colwell

  • Project Manager: Alexander Friedman

  • Powertrain Lead: Stephanie Gavell

  • Suspension Lead: Luke Corsiglia

  • Chassis Lead: Armando Marquez

  • Ergonomics Lead: Harvey Gill

  • DAQ Lead: Guarav Gupta

  • Treasurer: Spencer Kost


Bongo was the car we built during the 2016-2017 school year. He's been to many competitions, including Maryland, Kansas, Midnight, and Blizzard, where his icy white frame looked fresher than Alex Friedman right after a haircut. 

Fun Fact: During the Kansas race, one of Bongo's gearbox shafts broke right in half. Of course, being so well prepared and an esteemed engineering team, we didn't have a spare, so we had to drag Bongo all the all the way back to the tent, disassemble the entire powertrain system to find the problem, weld the shaft back together (don't do this at home) and then reassemble everything. We did all of this in record time and even got a full lap in before our welded shaft snapped again! 




Elbows: Known for her googly eyes, northwestern-arctic camo and ability to shear hubs faster than freshmen loose bolts, Elbows is our third oldest car. Kansas 2016 and Midnight Mayhem 2016. Her proudest accomplishment was both tying for first in aesthetics as well as seventh in maneuverability at MM. The name Elbows comes derives from her cockpit bending out wide like elbows to accommodate taller drivers. She is an absolute workhorse, and is our most reliable car, as she is three years old and still drives like new.


Dressed in a classy, sleek black, Knuckles is built for hill climbing. He was designed and built in 2014 then refined in 2015. He has raced in two official SAE competition, Maryland 2015 and Tennessee 2016, as well as Blizzard Baja 2016 and Midnight Mayhem 2016. The name comes from the bulky and tall front uprights which are referred to as knuckles.




Spot has raced in Tennessee 2013, Blizzard Baja 2013…

We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who like to work hard and aren't afraid to get dirty. To get in touch with a team member please email numotorcats@gmail.com or contact us here.


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