Winter Baja 2013 Results

Held at Michigan Technological University

This year, the air never got warmer than 16 degrees. We arrived at the paddocks to start inspecting and setting up the car at 6AM, central time. Michigan Tech had prepared a beautiful track for us–about 1 mile of twisting trail through trees, over hills, jumps, baseball fields and ditches.  We had a fantastic time and were very proud to finish every event with no technical failures.

By the end of the second endurance race, five cars had dropped out of the competition, and nine teams completed fewer than five laps, while the winners managed to finish 18 laps in the incredible mush that was the course by the end of the day. During the second race, Stephen Benson, our main designer and builder, raced incredibly well and held the team in 6th place for over an hour.

Race 1: Endurance
2 hours
max laps: 32
completed 25 laps
Northwestern: 22nd place

Race 2: Endurance
1:45 hours
max laps: 18
completed 18 laps
Northwestern: 14th place

Northwestern: 17 out of 47 teams