Blizzard Baja 2015 decisions

The very morning of the day we were planning to be leaving for Houghton, MI and Blizzard Baja, we had to make the very difficult call to stay on campus and not compete.

Rewinding to the past few months of improving Knuckles' design, the past few weeks of countless hours in the shop, we all had the end goal in mind of racing at this competition. It culminated into furious work the night before (and into the morning), as we were putting what we thought would be the final adjustments on the assembly and loading up the trailer in the frigid weather. However, in the morning, we realized that a combination of issues including a broken rear bearing and deflated shocks would most likely prevent us from racing even if we did make the 7 hour drive north.

This definitely came as a disappointment for everyone who has put so much heart and time into trying to make Winter Comp happen, but it will give us time to recuperate and catch up on sleep. And now we know exactly what to focus on, and will be more ready than ever for the upcoming spring competition in May.