NU Baja secures Boeing, Ford, and McCormick funding

This past week Boeing, Ford Motor Company, and the McCormick School of Engineering announced that our team will be awarded a total of $9,500 from their companies and groups! 

These funds come at a great time as the team has just finalized our gearbox and frame designs. All of the tubing for the frame has been cut and coped by Cartesian Tube Profiling this past week, and the gears for the gear box just arrived today. Additionally, we’re purchasing our skid plate material, tires, rims, batteries and tail lights, new safety gear, and our hub materials. The freshmen on the team are taking charge of individual projects – making their own drawings, determining what sort of materials they need, and soon, they’ll be making their own components of the car. As soon as the frame comes in, we’ll be wrapped up in the welding of it, but overall, the design is cruising along.