Campus Slaloming

It was a whirlwind workday on Saturday, with quite literally all hands on deck. John in welding mode putting together the rear suspension and attaching the gas pedal, Joe making sure the gas pedal has enough support, Ben bleeding brakes, Sarah mounting the gas tank, Eric and Matt finger-proofing the CVT guard, Jared finishing up the foam seat, Faye doing the headrest, the kittens helping out everywhere they were needed, and Mikey running around making sure it all got done so Knuckles would be in full driving condition....phew!

And sure enough, we got him in working order, so a couple of us took Knuckles out for a little spin on the slopes (well, as sloped as Illinois gets) next to Lake Michigan. Some improv flashlights lit up a path between the tree trunks as we took turns testing out the feel of Knuckles 2.0 in preparation for going to the Cliffs tomorrow!