Blizzard Baja 2016

This past weekend, 20 of our team members went up to Michigan Tech University in Houghton, MI for the annual "Blizzard Baja" competition. We brought Knuckles, and our Formula team fixed up our old car, Spot, so he came along as well. It would be the first time at winter comp for our current members, and the first time at any comp for all of our new Motorkittens.

Race day dawned bright and early and very very cold - a high of 3 degrees Fahrenheit (and that's without windchill!). 

Setting up the tent in front of the trailer, sheltering Knuckles and the team from the wind.

After some last adjustments to the shocks, wheels, and CVT guard, and we passed Tech Inspection without much trouble.

We were intrigued by the dynamic event, especially the pickled egg component. We decided Sarah and Faye would make the fastest driver change, and Karl bravely volunteered for the egg consumption.

Karlllll, eat the egg faster!

And as always, pancke making by Jared was in full swing, with some grilled cheeses being thrown into the mix this time around.

Yes, that is pancake being fed through a helmet.

Before we knew it, it was race time. Joe was up first, and we decided to switch drivers every three laps to give more people a chance to drive. After an incredibly fast 10-minute brake bleed fix, Joe was followed by Drew, Faye, Mikey, Isaac, Sarah, Eric, Alex, and Jared, which brought us to 9 drivers, 26 laps, and around 3.5 hours in the 4 hour race. At that point, a shaft in the gearbox broke, which we decided to fix back at school.

Overall, we had a blast this weekend, and are very happy with our performance! For more pictures, check out the Blizzard Baja 2016 Album and our Facebook page.

The cold never bothered us anyway