Framed! and other Fall Quarter Updates

It's been a busy quarter of recruiting, designing, and welding these past few months. While we've taken on around 20 new Motorkittens, the Motorcats have simultaneously been working on their individual designs.

So far, the most outwardly visible progress has manifested in the jigging and welding of the frame. It's gone from a giant box of coped and bent tubes from Cartesian into a rear roll hoop and transformed into a fully tacked creation, all before winter break!

Armando and George persuading the rear roll hoop to fit properly.

We decided to more fully utilize Cartesian's bending abilities this year, which helped to simplify jigging.

A little Chicago winter breeze can't stop Joe.

The newest pizza delivery service, coming soon to a town near you!

On Wednesdays (and all other days), We Weld

Mikey and Joe have been racing against the clock all winter break to get our frame welded in time for the NU Formula team to use the welding table when school starts up again. They've had a lot of help from Connor and Luke doing jigging and lathing as well!

Grab your collets, grab your 80-20, it's jigging time

In the midst of reading week and finals week,  our team was still hard at work because car building never stops! After Jon and Armando did the jigging calculations and figured out how to make reusable collets, we started an army of collet-makers! With help from Luke and Colton, they became milling experts. Here's a look at all the hours our Motorkittens put into getting the jigging ready before break:

9 days...

We had a stellar night. A bunch of kids came out to work and were able to finish our front axles which are getting heat treated tomorrow! We cut and mounted our skid plate as well as our engine mount. The car is beginning to look like a car, and after a bunch of new parts and stock come in tomorrow we’ll be that much closer to getting it all put together.

Mike Jastram trying out the (eventual location of the) driver's seat and holding onto a very maneuverable wheel.

Mike Jastram trying out the (eventual location of the) driver's seat and holding onto a very maneuverable wheel.