FPM Heat Treating to the rescue!!

Now that we’re about neck deep in crunch time, all parts that we are not making in house are a terrifying thing as we cannot predict how quickly an outside company will be able to get our parts out to us. Yesterday, I took our gear box shafts and axles out to FPM Heat Treating and they told me it would take 4-5 business days to get the parts finished. Today, I have to take two more parts to them, and if they take 5 days, we will not make it to comp.


But then there was Tom Klauba. 

Tom made sure our parts were treated at maximum speeds – first in line. We forgot to get a measurement off of the axles before we sent them off, and he took them out of the treatment process, cooled them, measured them, and sent them on to the next stage of their treatment. He has made it possible for us to manufacture our uprights now that we have that dimension he measured, and we are confident we will get our parts back with more than enough time to put them all on the car.  It’s nice folks like Tom that make the world go round. Thank you, Tom.