Northwestern’s Baja team was the first automotive club on campus. We were founded in 1988 by a group of undergraduate engineers and ever since then, our team has been dedicated to giving Northwestern students an opportunity to become involved in the design, fabrication, and maintenance of an off-roading race car.

The records are fuzzy though, and around 2008,  our team dwindled in size. For a couple years, only two or three members kept it alive. But these few dedicated students never quit, putting in hundreds of hours to build a car all on their own. With their perseverance, in February of 2013 and then again in May of the same year, this team finally raced – we represented Northwestern University at a national competition for the first time in three years.

Since then, this small, close-knit group has been growing in leaps and bounds. With the steady addition of new members every year, we've put those new brains and hands to work on the (electronic) drawing boards and in the shop, and it has led to marked improvements in our performance at the annual SAE competitions. 

We're proud to continue the traditions of this team and beyond excited to witness the progress to come.